Join Dr. Ni's Affiliate Program

Dr. Ni's OC2 supplement with calcium citrate, vitamin D3, and magnesium for bone health and creatine for muscle strengthOur affiliate program pays you $5 per jar when a client/visitor from your website makes a purchase on our store.

Just add our “Buy Dr. Ni's OC2 Now” banner to your website so your clients and visitors can find our site, and we take care of fulfillment and shipping.  

Here's How It Works:

1.  Sign up as an affiliate of Dr. Ni's.  Signing up is easy and takes just a couple minutes once we send you the link to our signup page. After creating a username and password, you'll have access to a personal dashboard where you can see details of what you've sold through our site and how much we owe you for those sales. If you enter your PayPal address, we can even pay you automatically every month via PayPal.

2. After signing up, you'll receive a unique tracking URL. You can either:

Include a link on your website:
Copy the unique URL and include a link with it somewhere on your site.
For example: 
<a href="">Shop Dr. Ni's OC2</a>

Or include a banner on your website:
Click the "Creatives" tab in your affiliate dashboard to download display ads for your website. Choose the banners you'd like to use. Click on each banner to capture the tracking code for your site, and include it somewhere on your site. See some of the banner options below.

3. Include the following language (or similar) above the link or banner, making it clear to your visitors that you receive payment if they make a purchase on our site (this is a legal requirement of online affiliates): "We are proud to recommend Dr. Ni's OC2 to our patients.  Visit Dr. Ni's website by clicking on the (link/banner) below to buy or learn more.  Please note we receive a commission if you make a purchase."

We can also provide you with additional language for your site describing Dr. Ni's OC2 and its benefits.  Just ask us!

4. You'll get credit for anybody you refer via this link who makes a purchase on our store, provided they make the purchase within 30 days of clicking the link, have cookies enabled on their device, and make the purchase on the same device where they first clicked the link.

If you would like to sign up, have questions, or if you would like to sell Dr. Ni’s OC2 directly in your clinic, practice, or office, please contact us. 

Please note: This program is only available by invitation from Dr. Ni's and is only for people doing business in the United States.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone participation in our affiliate program.

Available Banners: 

300 x 250:

Dr. Ni's OC2 300 x 250 Ad Banner


Dr. Ni's OC2 728 x 90 Ad Banner



Dr. Ni's OC2 180 x 150 Ad Banner