Perform at your best... no matter your age.

sarcopenia muscle loss chart

Creatine strong, calcium solid. 

Whether you're a committed athlete, a weekend warrior, or you just want to look and feel your best, muscle loss becomes an issue starting as early as age 35. 

Studies estimate that by age 50 we lose about 1.5% of muscle strength each year after, accelerating to 3% per year after 60.  Left unchecked, it’s possible to lose 30% or more of muscle mass in a lifetime.

The creatine in Dr. Ni's OC2 combined with regular strength training can help offset and limit these losses.

And the calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium in Dr. Ni's OC2 can help keep bones as strong as possible, a big concern for both men and women as we age.*

Note: Always consult your doctor prior to beginning any supplement or exercise regimen.