Why should your bone health supplement also target muscle loss?

sarcopenia muscle loss chart

The fight against muscle loss starts in your thirties.

Maintaining muscle strength becomes a challenge as we grow older, but staying physically strong and active helps provide a range of important and well-understood benefits. From maintaining the lifestyle and activities you enjoy to supporting your health in numerous ways, keeping muscles strong is essential. 

But normal muscle loss (sarcopenia) begins as early as 35, and most people lose an average of 1.5% of muscle strength each year between the ages of 50 and 60. After age 60, the rate of loss accelerates to 3% per year. This can add up to losing 30% or more of your muscle mass in a lifetime. The creatine in Dr. Ni's OC2 combined with regular exercise can help you offset and limit these losses.

Muscle strength is important for bone health.

Just like age-related bone loss poses serious health risks as we age, muscle loss does too. These risks become greater after age 65. One in four adults over age 65 suffers a fall each year, often resulting in serious injuries such as broken bones. But research shows maintaining better muscle strength with age helps to reduce falls and their resulting bone fractures.  It’s this research into the benefits of creatine, exercise, and muscle strength that inspired Naomi Albertson, M.D. to create Dr. Ni’s OC2 to help provide total frame support.*

Note: Always consult your doctor prior to beginning any supplement or exercise regimen.