What's Creatine?

Women stretching at yoga

Creatine is natural fuel for muscles.

Creatine is produced naturally by the body. It's especially concentrated in muscles, where it creates energy when called upon during exercise. By providing the fuel muscles need, creatine has a direct impact on building muscle mass and strength.

It should be noted that creatine is not a steroid—your body naturally produces some creatine on its own and gets some of what it needs from sources in the diet, primarily meat. Because creatine stores are rapidly depleted during exercise, increasing the amount available to your muscles via supplementation allows you to exercise longer, more easily, and more effectively, thereby helping to increase muscle strength.*

It's effective, well-studied for safety, and not just for athletes!

Athletes and body builders have used creatine supplements for decades to help increase and maintain muscle mass. But research shows older adults can enjoy its muscle-strengthening benefits as well.  It has been widely studied for safety and effectiveness, and shown it can also help muscle recovery after exercise. Dr. Ni's OC2 provides 5 grams in a daily serving, a moderate amount that has been shown to be effective while also being well-tolerated.*

Why creatine monohydrate?

The creatine in Dr. Ni's OC2 is creatine monohydrate, chosen because it's an easily absorbed form of creatine. When consumed, it's absorbed through the stomach and stored in muscles, where it's available when needed.  

A few things to know.

When taking a supplement with creatine:

  • You don't want to heat it or mix it with hot liquids, because this will make it lose its effectiveness.
  • Creatine crystals don't always completely dissolve in water. If you find that some remains in your glass, add a little more water and give it a swirl to get anything that remains. (Or try mixing Dr. Ni's OC2 in yogurt, a smoothie, or ice cream—it's yummy!)
  • Regular exercise is necessary to get the full benefits of creatine.
  • Remember to take it daily.
  • It may take several weeks of regular exercise and supplementation before improvements in muscle strength are noticeable. 
  • A small percentage of people won't respond to creatine, so if you take Dr. Ni's OC2 daily, exercise regularly, and don't notice results within a month, creatine might not be for you.
  • In amounts generally much higher than what's found in Dr. Ni's OC2, creatine can cause an upset stomach in some people.  If you're sensitive and notice any stomach upset, try taking Dr. Ni's OC2 with food, or splitting your daily serving in half and taking it morning and night. 

    Additional creatine reading:

    Always consult your doctor prior to beginning any supplement or exercise regimen.